Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New RnV Acts

As if the 30th wasn't going to be crazy enough..

Flying Lotus

Gaslamp Killer

Hudson Mohawke

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Digitalism!

Finally some new digitalism their new EP Blitz is out Novermber 8th and it sounds as good as ever

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just For Something Completely Different..

Whilst browsing through Best of YouTube, I came across a video from our favorite dancer. Although his sweet moves are just as impressive as usual, it was the song - Catgroove - that caught my attention. Created by Parov Stelar (a.k.a. Marcus Fureder of Austria), he combines "his unmistakable sound-mix of Jazz and Swing samples and electronic music, securing his own unique position in the world of music." I personally adore swing and jazz, so this combined with the subtle but still unmistakable presence of electronic beat is making Parov Stelar an absolute winner with me.

Check it out..

An all-time favorite in the making, I'd say. His other songs are a bit more laid back but still worth a listen if you enjoyed what you heard. I quite liked these two -

Silent Snow
Chambermaid Swing

And as an added extra, have you come across any of Concord Dawn's new stuff? I've never been a fan of theirs before but this song has been playing on George FM lately and it is AMAZING.

Easy Life

Concord Dawn - Easy life (feat nina mcsweeny) by BadDrug

Friday, October 15, 2010


Yo yo has been far too long between posts but will hopefully be back up and running again soon here are some tracks from a Swedish duo (Daniel Högberg & Bjorn Synneby) called Pacific! They have recently released their new album 'Narcissus' and it is good listening enjoy!

Pacific! - Venus Rising by snipelondon

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Never Say Die

Have been looking into mixes lately, heres one I thought was reso enjoyable. Ctrl Z are a DJ duo consisting of Tommy Dash and Nicky Silva out of South East London. Specializing mainly in dub, breaks and electro, I wouldn't say I'm hugely phased by Ctrl Z but my ears pricked up when I heard Skrillex appear early on in the mix so thought I would investigate.

Download here, track list available here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So French Records are an up and coming electro label with a long list of great artists with cheesy names like Freshlovers and Ma5k. Outland has recently released his debut EP with them. Info about this guy is pretty hard to come by but all his tracks and graphics are inspired by a retro Amiga game called 'Shadow of the Beast'. The closest thing he sounds to would be Danger/Kavinsky inspired film music. Heavy sound that should be listened to loud on good speakers. Myspace versions sound alot better than youtube.

Outland Myspace:
So French Records Myspace:

Lost Island (Level 2)

EP Teaser

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Yes.

I've become so distracted with the impending greatness that is Rhythm and Vines 2010 that I'm now on track to potentially fail my multiple mid-semester tests next week and once again use up all the family's monthly internet. Whoops. Still, after watching these, I wont say it wasn't worth it. (Full screen mode highly recommended).

C&S hasn't been announced (yet), but you have got to see the Wall of Death. It's ridiculous. Highlights at 4min and 6.45 if you cant wait.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr Mime & Leno Lovecraft

Thought Id do a post on two relatively unknown NZ electronic artists coming through. Both have really unique styles and its exciting to know there is music like this being made here..

Mr Mime

"From the depths of the New Zealand underground electronic scene, Mr Mime attempts to take the listener on a strange and twisted journey rather than just blasting noise into their ears. His influences are said to encompass a wide range of electronic producers from around the globe. This is easily believable considering the variety of his releases. The identity of this character still remains unknown"

Not too much I can really add to that but I do love the flow and variation in these mixes. Definite Mr Oizo and Mr Flash influences mixed with a massive scope of other genres.

Scene One: Out Of The Attic by Mr Mime
Scene Two: Silver Night by Mr Mime
Scene Three: Time Delay by Mr Mime

Leno Lovecraft

"All we have been able to ascertain about Leno Loecraft is that he/she is 18 years old and from Whanganui. Oh, and that he/she is amazingly talented; clearly. Apparently already drawing attention from some of big overseas hitters namely Erol Alkan".

This guy is awesome and seems to be destined for big things. Have included a remix from our friend Dejakal aswell. Check out his soundcloud if you like what you hear there are a bunch of good mixes.

Space Fighter



Alien Sex Juice (Dejakal Remix)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Noisia

A remix from NOSIA who are a Dutch trio who specialise in basically all genres of electronica. They're songs manage to switch from breakbeat to drum and bass to dubstep and back to electro without falling over themselves. Though this song is one of the more electro induced, prodigy tasting creations, it still carries that dark dubstep, d&b sound.

Le Castlevania - Nobody Gets Out Alive (Noisia Remix) by NOISIA
If you haven't realised NOISIA looks like "VISION" upside down... COOL!

Speaking of Prodigy. A rather crude sounding remix of Ian Brown but the vocals from the original carry it for me.
Ian Brown - Just like you (Prodigy Remix)

Carrying on that note:
16bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Propatingz Crunk Massacre Remix)
16bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Propatingz Crunk Massacre Remix) by Kalimaro

Guess I should throw a self indulgent hip hop post into the mix... I'll save you the lyrical genius however and just drop an instrumental.
Hudson Mohawke - Polkadot Blues by PUMPITUUP

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

R&V 2010 Preview

Rhythm & Vines preview get excited

Justice Dj Set



Chase & Status

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is a Zebroid. Zebroids are a hybrid between a Zebra and any other equine. This particular Zebroid is a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey.

Here are some old and new tracks I have been listening to this week you may enjoy..

SD - DeeS by squirrelsdestroyed

MMMatthias - Lies (IKKI Remix) by MMMatthias

Masta Ace feat. Jean Grae - Soda & Soap

LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change (Tiga Remix) by hotunes

NEUS - Blast (The Noisy Freaks remix) by The Noisy Freaks

The Beatles - And I Love Her (Allure Remix) by Lord Brett Sinclair

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ali Nadem

Name: Alexander 'Ali' Nadem
Location: Oakville, Canada
Genre: Electro

"I'll do you a favour, and set the scene. It's 1am, you're trashed, you walk out into the alleyway for a cigarette. You feel the walls begin to shake, pump your smoke down and run inside. You find your friends, and that monster track comes on. These are those tracks, the tracks you hear and think, 'holy shit'. The tracks that suit a massive soundsystem and get the whole club dancing like spastics. I introduce to you Ali Nadem. At the age of only 16, the future seems bright for this producer. His tracks are as mainroom as they come, yet will thrash your insides."

This kid is sixteen. When I was sixteen, I was probably still listening to the Spice Girls. SIXTEEN... Holy. Shit.

Electro Champion.
Don't be deterred by the lyrics.

2012 (Ultimate Edition).
Kind of carries on where Electro Champion leaves off.

Electro Gladiator v1.0 (Unleash Hell).

Disto King v2 - ft. Krystalic.
An even more "devastating" version of Disto King. Fast forward to 2.30 - the song really should just start here. So good.

Memories - David Guetta (Ali Nadem Remix).
Even this is pretty decent. Would love to see ZM try play this on the radio, ha. Stick with it, gets better as it goes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Just a few songs that have been popular with me recently. Bit on the lighter side too.

Pins - Alex Metric.
Considering how long I have been aware of Alex Metric, I'm not exactly sure how I missed this. It has shot to the top of my most frequently played songs, although due to its similarity to Deadly on a Mission that's hardly surprising. If you have managed to miss this too, then its worth making yourself familiar.
Listen: (my version doesn't start till 1.30, I recommend fast forwarding)

What You Know (LightsoverLA Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club.
There are 101 remixes of this song, and I only had the patience to listen to about 2 of them, but this one was a winner with me. A nice smooth beat with a really lovely melody, its just one of those songs that makes you feel happy.

Kaleidoscope (Jeuce Rework) - Logistics.
I came across this song through initially hearing the original. Liked it at first but found it got too much/too fast. This remix is nice because it slows it down a bit. Not usually a fan of such glitchy music, but find this song pretty enjoyable.

Midnight Walk - Barretso.
Reminded me of Redial's 'Forever'.

And lastly,

I Need Air - Magnetic Man.
Have included this because of the video that goes with it. Definitely worth a watch; simultaneously makes you want to be there and makes you laugh, because some of the people are in such a (recognisable) state. That being said, its a mean song as well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shaved Monkeys

Name: Shaved Monkeys

Location: Wingene, Belgium

Genre: Electro, Thrash

'Three monsters among humans - half human, half animals - Shaved Monkeys, have been locked up in a cage with nothing more then computers, beer and a huge pair of hair clippers to shave out this new primal jam!
Addicted to electronic music they are expected to be dropping dirty bombs all over the dancefloor.
This is just the beginning as they are just warming up and showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon! These monsters are known for their charismatic personality and their explosive sets. They will blow you away with their trashy productions and filthy remixes so you'd better run or you might get shaved!'
Haha well if you can get over that and the semi-frequent annoying sound effects these guys have a massive sound. They've only released one track and a few remixes but definetly one to look out for in the future.
Get Rough
Drop definetly caught me off guard, bear with it for about a 1:20
Raven Remix

Friday, July 16, 2010


Name: Skrillex
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Electro

The urban dictionary defines Skrillex "to sream or to screech. to bring forth music," now I don't know if that was derived from Skrillex himself or not but I reckon that definition sits well with his music. Sonny Moore AKA Skrillex has been in various street punk and hardcore bands, most notably FFTL, where vocal problems forced him to pursue a solo career. He's done some remixes of some high profile songs like Lady Gaga's "Bad romance" and "Alejandro", Black Eyed Peas "Rock that Body" but his own remix of the title track for his recent EP "My Name Is Skrillex" is killer. Before the self promoting vocals really start to piss you off the drop kicks in.

Skrillex - My Name Is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex - Fucking Die (from his EP)

You can download his EP "My Name Is Skrillex" for free on mediafire,
posted by Sonny himself and definitly worth a download.

Plus hes posted a video teaser on his blog:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010


Name: Cryptonites

Location: Switzerland

Genre: Electro

“Even after days of investigation, i have not been able to find out more about them besides that they’re coming from switzerland and are obviously having a problem with superheroes. but what i can tell from the tracks i have got ahold of is that they have definitely found the perfect formula to conduct banging tunes. digitalism and teenage bad girl are references that are coming to my mind, but just listen for yourself…”

Boots Electric



Hands of God

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Name: Redial (Rob Frier)
Location: Sydney, Australia

Genre: Electro

Label: Tuffem Up! Records
Redial is yet another talented and exciting artist to emerge from Australia's vibrant electro scene. He is also the face of the up and coming Tuffem Up! Records.
Redial like many emerging artists is best known for his remixes. Remixes are very hit or miss and for me the best remixes are those that retain the original aspects which make a song great and then inject a new imaginative interpretation. Redial's remixes are up their with the best i've heard because of his ability to exploit this.
Phoenix - Lisztomania (Redial Remix)
This is the first Redial track I heard and was hooked from the first drop. The carefree nature of the original is obvious from the start but a darker edgier tone then creeps it way in. The pop enfused lyrics flow seamlessly between both moods. The erriness then follows on to set up the drop which can only be described as brutal. Fucking awesome song.
Miike Snow - Silvia (Redial Remix)
Same formula same result
The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes Oldschool Remix)
Never been the biggest Killers fan but don't mind the original. The remix is special though, the use of vocals, the dark undertones and the insane drop, good.
DatA - One in a Million (Redial Remix)
Flows more than the other tracks above, very nice vibe though
Proxy - Who are You? (Redial Remix)
Good but not my favourite very hard as you can imagine a mix of Proxy and Redial would be an acquired taste
Other Remixes:
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Alright I'll just chuck a few of his originals out there too.. I like them alot they are the sorta tracks you can lose yourself in
45 Overdrive
Takes a while to get into it but very nice gotta love the piano
1985 feat. Smackdown
Let Me Go
Overdrive in E

Who is Jack Hawken?

After a brief google search I can conclude I have no fucking idea. Apparently the surname 'Hawken' is derived from English origins and encompases the motto 'toujours pret' which roughly translates to 'always ready'.

In all honesty Jack Hawken is probably just some guy who dumped heaps of crap next to the motorway and had a massive ego trip thinking this crap could qualify as a street. Not only did he have the arrogance to regard this concrete hell hole as a street but then the nerve to name it after himself.

Jack Hawken is a bad man. He is selfish and petulant. He is likely to have a moustache like the guy in the photo above. He probably enjoys clubbing baby seals. There is a good chance Jack Hawken owns multiple pairs of Crocs.
But despite his numerous faults and shortcomings I for one can see a fun-loving and gentle spirit inside of Jack Hawken. I salute you Jack Hawken. You dared to dream. You wouldn't listen when they told you No.

Sorry for wasting a minute of your life. Hopefully we can use this blog anyway to share things that we like. Jacko would have wanted it that way.