Thursday, August 26, 2010


So French Records are an up and coming electro label with a long list of great artists with cheesy names like Freshlovers and Ma5k. Outland has recently released his debut EP with them. Info about this guy is pretty hard to come by but all his tracks and graphics are inspired by a retro Amiga game called 'Shadow of the Beast'. The closest thing he sounds to would be Danger/Kavinsky inspired film music. Heavy sound that should be listened to loud on good speakers. Myspace versions sound alot better than youtube.

Outland Myspace:
So French Records Myspace:

Lost Island (Level 2)

EP Teaser


  1. If you are interested in the story of Outland here is possibly the most unhelpful paragraph of all time..

    Outland tells us a story of a hero in half-beast form, wandering the lands of Karamoon in search of his kidnapped sister. She had been taken away from her mother's cottage by the dragon-form of the Beast Mage, Zelek, servant to Maletoth. Along the way, Aarbron befriends the wise dragon Barloom and must defeat the evil dragon Ishran. Tree Pygmies in the forest and the goblins in the Crystal Caverns serve as interactive.

  2. Hahahah it just keeps getting better!