Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr Mime & Leno Lovecraft

Thought Id do a post on two relatively unknown NZ electronic artists coming through. Both have really unique styles and its exciting to know there is music like this being made here..

Mr Mime

"From the depths of the New Zealand underground electronic scene, Mr Mime attempts to take the listener on a strange and twisted journey rather than just blasting noise into their ears. His influences are said to encompass a wide range of electronic producers from around the globe. This is easily believable considering the variety of his releases. The identity of this character still remains unknown"

Not too much I can really add to that but I do love the flow and variation in these mixes. Definite Mr Oizo and Mr Flash influences mixed with a massive scope of other genres.

Scene One: Out Of The Attic by Mr Mime
Scene Two: Silver Night by Mr Mime
Scene Three: Time Delay by Mr Mime

Leno Lovecraft

"All we have been able to ascertain about Leno Loecraft is that he/she is 18 years old and from Whanganui. Oh, and that he/she is amazingly talented; clearly. Apparently already drawing attention from some of big overseas hitters namely Erol Alkan".

This guy is awesome and seems to be destined for big things. Have included a remix from our friend Dejakal aswell. Check out his soundcloud if you like what you hear there are a bunch of good mixes.

Space Fighter



Alien Sex Juice (Dejakal Remix)


  1. I pictures of Mr Mime at Dunedin Nightcap, they were insane.

  2. loving the new zealand theme. Can't listen to anything though I've reached my cap haha. 9 more bloody days

  3. Got an invite on FB from one of the various DJs to become a fan of Leno Lovecraft. Felt pretty cool for already knowing who that was..