Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Name: Redial (Rob Frier)
Location: Sydney, Australia

Genre: Electro

Label: Tuffem Up! Records
Redial is yet another talented and exciting artist to emerge from Australia's vibrant electro scene. He is also the face of the up and coming Tuffem Up! Records.
Redial like many emerging artists is best known for his remixes. Remixes are very hit or miss and for me the best remixes are those that retain the original aspects which make a song great and then inject a new imaginative interpretation. Redial's remixes are up their with the best i've heard because of his ability to exploit this.
Phoenix - Lisztomania (Redial Remix)
This is the first Redial track I heard and was hooked from the first drop. The carefree nature of the original is obvious from the start but a darker edgier tone then creeps it way in. The pop enfused lyrics flow seamlessly between both moods. The erriness then follows on to set up the drop which can only be described as brutal. Fucking awesome song.
Miike Snow - Silvia (Redial Remix)
Same formula same result
The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes Oldschool Remix)
Never been the biggest Killers fan but don't mind the original. The remix is special though, the use of vocals, the dark undertones and the insane drop, good.
DatA - One in a Million (Redial Remix)
Flows more than the other tracks above, very nice vibe though
Proxy - Who are You? (Redial Remix)
Good but not my favourite very hard as you can imagine a mix of Proxy and Redial would be an acquired taste
Other Remixes:
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Alright I'll just chuck a few of his originals out there too.. I like them alot they are the sorta tracks you can lose yourself in
45 Overdrive
Takes a while to get into it but very nice gotta love the piano
1985 feat. Smackdown
Let Me Go
Overdrive in E

Who is Jack Hawken?

After a brief google search I can conclude I have no fucking idea. Apparently the surname 'Hawken' is derived from English origins and encompases the motto 'toujours pret' which roughly translates to 'always ready'.

In all honesty Jack Hawken is probably just some guy who dumped heaps of crap next to the motorway and had a massive ego trip thinking this crap could qualify as a street. Not only did he have the arrogance to regard this concrete hell hole as a street but then the nerve to name it after himself.

Jack Hawken is a bad man. He is selfish and petulant. He is likely to have a moustache like the guy in the photo above. He probably enjoys clubbing baby seals. There is a good chance Jack Hawken owns multiple pairs of Crocs.
But despite his numerous faults and shortcomings I for one can see a fun-loving and gentle spirit inside of Jack Hawken. I salute you Jack Hawken. You dared to dream. You wouldn't listen when they told you No.

Sorry for wasting a minute of your life. Hopefully we can use this blog anyway to share things that we like. Jacko would have wanted it that way.