Friday, October 22, 2010

Just For Something Completely Different..

Whilst browsing through Best of YouTube, I came across a video from our favorite dancer. Although his sweet moves are just as impressive as usual, it was the song - Catgroove - that caught my attention. Created by Parov Stelar (a.k.a. Marcus Fureder of Austria), he combines "his unmistakable sound-mix of Jazz and Swing samples and electronic music, securing his own unique position in the world of music." I personally adore swing and jazz, so this combined with the subtle but still unmistakable presence of electronic beat is making Parov Stelar an absolute winner with me.

Check it out..

An all-time favorite in the making, I'd say. His other songs are a bit more laid back but still worth a listen if you enjoyed what you heard. I quite liked these two -

Silent Snow
Chambermaid Swing

And as an added extra, have you come across any of Concord Dawn's new stuff? I've never been a fan of theirs before but this song has been playing on George FM lately and it is AMAZING.

Easy Life

Concord Dawn - Easy life (feat nina mcsweeny) by BadDrug

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