Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend In America

What we've all been waiting for... Wolfgang Gartner's Debut album dropped on the September 20th. Overall not too impressed with the album, shows signs of true Wolfgang style but it reminds me too much of MSTRKRFT's butchery in Fist of God, where a famous singer's thrown on top of already mediocre track for the sack of their name. In this case these vocalists are Will i am, Eve, Cam'ron, Omarion and Jim Jones. Could see this coming with his alignment with mtv


Emphasis on the David Guetta call at the end of the article.

Wolfgang Gartner - Shrunken Heads by Crazy Astronaut cranks when the distortion kicks in

The Champ - Wolfgang Gartner by Falcon Punch* happy if the whole album was like 'The Champ'

Wolfgang Gartner - Forever (Instrumental Mix) by The Kollection Save you from Will i am's vocals.

Though less hits than misses there's is enough good stuff to keep you going for a while. There's a few other good songs on the album to check out plus some bonus tracks.

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